Woolumbin – Mt Warning, Northern NSW.

After returning recently from a crazy exhausting whirl wind month traveling around Canada & the US ultimately ending up in NYC for my older brothers wedding, I was craving some slow down time… After a few weird nights of jet lagy sleep I finally snapped late one Saturday night and talked my little brother into […]

Bananas make ya shred…

Reflections on the impacts of globalization, the melting pot of food, culture,  markets, large scale industrialized food production and the relationship between how we fuel our bodies… as well as our minds??? Banana phone selfies in Banff.   So bananas… Its hard to imagine a world without them right?   The above 1940’s advertisment for Bananas […]

Peddlin’ South – Week 2… “Perfect and getting better”….More Salmon, waves, “gnarly” locals, Going PROFESSIONAL, Drugs, Sunny days, starry nights & Moonshine. Ocean shores WA to Seaside Oregon.

And so another week has apparently already blurred on by… Picking up where i left off… I ended up hanging around Ocean shores for the whole day Monday last week to scope out surf potential and rest up my slightly sore over worked Achilles… It soon turned out that with prevailing northerly winds there wasn’t […]


A rambling tale of how and why I felt the need to accidentally not start my own hypothetical parody yoga label…. Land locked and going loco in the belly of the beast of Alberta, a Canadian province so entrenched in its economic bind to the Oil and gas industry and the associated greed that no […]